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Important tips for improving business communications with diverse populations

The image of the United States as a melting pot has existed since the 18th Century, but today, it is our reality. From large metropolitan cities to small rural towns, the existence of native populations mixed with an influx of immigrants and refugees has not only enriched the cultural landscape in Middle America but also…

The Need for Legal Translation Services as We Grow Globally.

The extreme ease with which we travel has shrunk the size of our globe over the years, making such epic journeys as Marco Polo’s Silk Road obsolete with a brief plane ride.  As our boundaries expand so do our levels of technological prowess, narrowing our areas of expertise and causing the need for accurate translation…

Made in Texas? Go global using these three steps.

High quality products made right here in Texas have the potential to reach all corners of the world, but to do so, business need the help of aTexas translation services. Here are three ways that your local business can go international with the help of an experienced and professional translation service: Localize your website –…

In language translation, “verbatim” doesn’t always mean “accurate”

As languages mature, they tend to become clothed in idiom, slang and sayings that are either difficult or impossible to translate literally to other languages. Sometimes it is even difficult for native speakers to explain why those quirky linguistic oddities even make literal sense to them. Those sayings gradually adorn everyone’s language to a point…

The need for Spanish translation services will remain a fixture in the U.S.

The need for Spanish language translation services in the United States will not go away soon. Consider the following: According to Language Policy.Net, there are actually more Spanish speakers in the world than there are English (346 million vs. 330 million English speakers). A United States Census Bureau press release for Hispanic Heritage Month reported…

Language translation was key to the Conquistadors

The saga of Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés and how he and his force of fewer than 1,000 Spaniards conquered Mexico’s powerful Mexica (commonly known as Aztecs) is the stuff of adventure novels.  The whole story (1519 to 1521) pivots on one Mayan-speaking Nahua woman from Mexico’s Gulf Coast, who provided indispensable language translation services to…

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