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Providing linguistic solutions that transcend borders since 2004. The Keylingo team cares about your success and is committed to helping you connect with audiences worldwide.

Our History

Founded in 2004, Keylingo remains at the forefront of the language services industry, navigating the evolving landscape with unwavering commitment. From our start in Atlanta, we have grown into a global organization that connects businesses, people, and cultures through language.


Looking for consistent and responsive support for your translation and localization needs? Our team is here to help.

With a dynamic structure that embraces hybrid positions and adapts to the changing industry landscape, our directors, relationship managers, project managers, and production and solutions leads are key players in delivering top-notch service. Trust us to meet your translation and localization requirements with precision and efficiency.

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Richard Carroll

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Chad Richardson

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Richard Dealy

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“We love working with Keylingo. Your staff, responsiveness, and quality of work are exemplary.”

Karen Brown, Creative Director at Center for Ecoliteracy


Our team is a diverse ensemble of talents from different continents and cultures, each contributing unique perspectives, languages, and focus.

Spanning across the globe, Keylingo has a robust presence in the United States, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Belarus, and Kenya. Our strategically chosen locations enable us to cater to diverse markets, providing localized solutions with a global perspective.

Serving clients worldwide, our mission goes beyond providing language solutions; we integrate the richness of every location into our work.


A singular partner

We are professionally relentless and committed to being a nimble, adaptable, responsive partner that makes promises and keeps them. We’d love to learn more about your translation and localization needs.