Mutual Profit Through Mutual Respect

by brenton

Nowadays, it’s standard to see brochures and user manuals in various languages.  After all, the United States is a melting pot consisting of different cultures and people here speak a variety of languages depending on where they’re from originally or where their parents and grandparents are from.  No matter how much a group assimilates into the mainstream English-speaking culture of the U.S., it still maintains its original identity and, often, language.

The Importance of Being Bilingual

As a result of this diversity, it becomes more mainstream, as time goes on, to communicate with people in different languages and people who are bilingual are more in demand at multinational corporations.  As companies spread overseas, selling their products in various countries as well, people like this become more and more invaluable.  At Keylingo, we provide you with translation services to put your clients, in the U.S. and abroad, at ease.

Establishing Common Ground

An important part of any sales pitch is to develop that common ground between you and your client.  If the clients don’t feel that you understand their needs, they’re going to be less likely to buy your product or service.  Certain gestures such as smiling and making eye contact are indicators of goodwill the world over.  But you can also go the extra mile by speaking the language of your clients and providing them with brochures and fliers they will readily understand.

Democracy in Translation

Whether you’re translating your materials into Indo-Germanic languages, Sino-Tibetan languages or languages from the African continent, one of the most important factors is respecting the structure and individuality of the language.  In this sense, it’s important for translation to be democratic.  Just because English is gender-neutral when it comes to inanimate things, you can’t assume the same for other languages.  In French and Hindi, all things have a gender, whether they are living or not.

Establishing Mutual Respect

By paying attention to this aspect of translation and giving human utterance the respect it deserves, you’re also respecting human beings themselves and the various cultures they come from.  And believe it or not, people will recognize it when someone holds them in high esteem, and they will return that esteem.  And this, after all, is the basis of human interaction and business collaboration; mutual profit would be impossible without mutual respect.  Business alliances would be impossible without mutual respect.  

So contact us to help show your customers and business partners that you value them as human beings and business associates.

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