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Working with a Translation Company When You Launch Your Website

May 27, 2021 Most companies have come to realize that marketing is an important aspect of running a business. And nowadays, digital marketing has replaced earlier forms of marketing such as print and TV ads. Digital marketing involves a number of different things such as setting up a website, blog and social media pages. You…

Partner Early to Reach Your Website’s Multilingual Potential

May 12, 2021 How can you best access the global marketplace where over half of the web community speaks a language other than English? How can you make all your customers and prospects–regardless of their native language–feel comfortable, safe, and secure enough to do business with your organization? Team up with an experienced translation partner as…

Looking for a turnkey solution for your Supply Chain to be more productive and agile?

May 5, 2021 Need an efficient global strategy for industrial manufacturing? When looking for an LSP, you need a company that has had proven experience working with manufacturing. Whether your clients work in construction, agriculture, green energy, or other types of manufacturing, an effective localization strategy that will help drive your business forward. Has your…

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Multilingual Website

May 4, 2021 If you’re thinking about translating your website into a different language (or several languages) then you’re ahead of the game.  This will help reach many more viewers who can potentially become customers and by translating your website into a language that your viewer understands, you’re letting them know that their business is…

Appealing to International Markets Through Culturally Relevant Translations

April 27, 2021   Translation is about more than just changing words from one language to another. Translation also involves ensuring that the original meaning stays intact. But sometimes, even when a talented translator has reconstructed the words in a different language to hold the same meaning, there is still something missing. Cultural references can…

What Would It Be Like to Live in a World with No Translation Services?

March 15, 2021 When people think of translation, they usually think about a book they read which was originally written in a different language. But there are many different uses of translation, some in literature and others in business. The fact is that people around the world speak in different languages, but we all need…

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