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Agile Project Management vs. Waterfall Project Management

What was once a means to keep software developers on task, and within the scope of their projects, Agile project methodologies have pushed the boundaries of what it means to manage a project and be part of a project. Even further, agile leadership has become a near-standard for managers across the globe.   Let’s take a…

3 Tips for Effective Cryptocurrency Translations

Cryptocurrencies are global by nature, and investors, traders, and miners are from different parts of the world. Cryptocurrencies do not have a central power to establish their worth. As a global entity, just like other industries, professional translation is paramount in digital currency investment and transactions. If your enterprise is planning to establish a new…

Interesting Facts About Sign Language Both Locally and Globally

As we’re already aware, sign language allows those who have lost their hearing, are mute, or both are given the ability to communicate and understand situations in everyday life. However, this form of communication is subject to subtle nuances across the country and around the world. In this light, let’s look at some interesting facts…

Brave New Worlds: Overcoming Cultural Boundaries and Fostering Diversity

📍 Here at #KeylingoTranslations, we’re on a mission. Not just to translate, but to tell your whole story as you would have said it yourself. Since the dawn of verbal communication, humans have struggled with cultural barriers, language being one of the most significant. That’s why it is so important to us to provide people-focused…

Automating the Translation Process for Improved Turnaround Time and Efficacy

Are long translation turnaround times holding your company back? In the current age of technology, where everything is fast-paced and interconnected, having to wait for a long time to get translated content is not suitable for business. By taking advantage of Keylingo’s new technology, your content is translated on time without compromising quality. Our focus is…

VRI Services Set to Flourish in a Post Pandemic World

Virtual Remote Interpretation or VRI came of age in the service crucible that raged during the pandemic. Covid protocols all but eliminated in-person and even many facility-based interpretation services. These barriers to quality communication severely degraded multilingual access to the most basic of human services, such as medical care, legal protection, and government support, just…

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Navigating the world of translation can be complex, but at Keylingo, we believe in simplicity through dedicated teamwork, based on:

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Synergy Summit 2024

Our CEO, Frederick Marx, met with our European-based teammates Maria Emilia Maisterrena and Ludmila Albelo in Portugal for an experience filled with inspiration and collaboration.

The energy is contagious, and we're geared up for a great 2024!

Bridging Cultures in Workspaces

Delve into the world of #HRTranslations as we navigate through the intricacies of human resources in diverse industries. From crafting inclusive policies to fostering cross-cultural communication, Keylingo empowers your HR strategies.