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No Time for Translations: Expanding into New Markets

by Jim Dulin

August 12, 2020

When companies are planning to expand into new markets, common early considerations include market analysis, strategies, legal and financial readiness, and logistics. Often lost in those early steps are the benefits of engaging translation services early in the process.

Translation Isn’t Instant

In these days of online, real-time translation tools, people often think that translating documents and web content can consist of a few clicks and a quick proofread. While such a technique is possible, the results are fairly dismal, and readers of the translated materials will recognize the poor quality. Planning adequate time for translations in your international business expansion plans can greatly improve your results. 

Quality Content = Better Credibility

Have you ever read a poorly (usually automatically) translated website or set of instructions? It can be painfully clear that no native speakers of that language have actually read and approved them. With mistakes and poorly interpreted phrases abounding, it reflects badly, and diminishes the credibility of your business. 

Accurate Communication = Better Reputation

When you are forming business relationships with local companies as you navigate international expansion, the quality and accuracy of your communications show both your attention to detail and your commitment to expanding in this particular market. The reputation you build is a key asset for your growth.

Comfortable Customers = Better Customers

People who use your website or other materials will be most at home reading or listening in their native languages. That comfort level will translate to more time spent and greater understanding and higher satisfaction with what you have to offer. 

Add Translation Services Early

Including translation services in the early stages of your business expansion planning can help you avoid linguistic blunders, re-planning, and costly delays.

Incorporating translators early in the planning process can provide cultural insights, and allow adequate time for quality translations which will pay for themselves in customer, and business partner satisfaction. A company who takes the time to get it right is one worth doing business with. Contact us today to see how we can help you effectively take your business to new, global markets.

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