Brave New Worlds: Overcoming Cultural Boundaries and Fostering Diversity

by Maria Emilia Maisterrena

📍 Here at #KeylingoTranslations, we’re on a mission. Not just to translate, but to tell your whole story as you would have said it yourself. Since the dawn of verbal communication, humans have struggled with cultural barriers, language being one of the most significant. That’s why it is so important to us to provide people-focused translation services. Language is more than just random words from a pre-defined vocabulary; it’s the essence of who we are and how we relate to each other.


People-focused translation services mean forging #global connections, enabling the #inclusion of people of all cultures and locales. To that end, we integrate new technologies into our services to better meet global needs, particularly for global companies. Keylingo works with you to find solutions to communication problems for a better and more connected professional environment. We are no longer confined to doing business in person and we exist to provide those important problem-solving solutions your remote teams may require.


📣 For example, many languages contain words known as “false cognates” in English. In French, they’re referred to as “faux amis” or “false friends.” These are tricky vocabulary words that sound very similar to an incorrect word in the original language. False cognates can lead to some very uncomfortable or awkward situations in a professional relationship and are just one of the pitfalls of translating we are working hard to avoid. Many cultural barriers can be crossed with an inaccurate translation, hence why the need for professional, understanding and accurate translation services cannot be overstated.


Overcoming the most basic of cultural barriers to #diversity, verbal communication, can open doors for your company to become a global #business with professional relationships all over the planet. With our translating services, we work with you to truly understand and analyze your words and provide an accurate and comprehensive translation. We know that translating can be fraught with difficulties and issues, but we are here to help you overcome them and be successful at expanding your business on a global scale. Working together to solve problems, we can enable a connected and diverse new world. 


💬 The future is now, contact us to build it together.

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