Automating the Translation Process for Improved Turnaround Time and Efficacy

by Maria Emilia Maisterrena

Are long translation turnaround times holding your company back?

In the current age of technology, where everything is fast-paced and interconnected, having to wait for a long time to get translated content is not suitable for business. By taking advantage of Keylingo’s new technology, your content is translated on time without compromising quality.

Our focus is to enable your business to automate the processes involved in #contentmanagement, so content ends up where it’s supposed to be without repeated mistakes. Here are some of the functions and features that enable you to automate the translation process:

Automated Workflows

Your team can automate different projects and tasks in #translation workflows, including primary action, content assignment, skip steps, reject the content, and re-publish all content translation. It is easier for your team to clear any repetitive actions and clutter through automatic workflows, which usually deter the accomplishment of higher priority tasks.

Dynamic Workflow

It is essential to have a dynamic workflow to ensure your organization can design and set up workflows based on the specific needs and link a range of actions to a particular trigger. Our technology establishes a dynamic workflow by utilizing “Decision Steps” to correct every step taken. As a result, your business can benefit from a dynamic workflow since you do not have to manually put content into a machine or human translator’s workflow.

Real-Time Quality Check

Aside from designing workflows and other related actions, automated translation is vital for real-time quality checks. Our automation solutions avail configuration for quality check, which ensures translation does not move forward if an issue is recognized. Various quality checks can be performed depending on your content, like translation consistency, target length limit errors, and spacing.

As technology continues to enhance and revolutionize this industry, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be the tools to significantly revolutionize automatic translation. Our team of experts is ready to help your business expand its operations everywhere through timely, accurate, and affordable translation services.

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