June 22, 2020

As e-commerce continues to boom in a globe impacted by COVID-19, it is an excellent time for businesses to expand into new markets by selling their products and services to foreign markets. Launching into new markets involves localizing and contextualizing the marketing and advertising language with the target audience.

Tech companies have realized the power of language and translation services in new and emerging sectors, and are rolling out solutions for atomized translation. The global machine translation market is expected to grow 19% through 2024. Yet, the role of professional translation with a human touch will remain essential to ensure the consistency and emotive aspects of messaging. 

Acquiring new customers is not just about spending large amounts on marketing and advertising, but also involves careful contextualization and localization of translation to the target audience. Language is critical in connecting emotionally to customers, moving them to click on an advert or taking the next step to becoming an official customer. Getting the right message largely depends on human ingenuity and a real understanding of words customers will respond to. 

Here are a few tips for businesses to consider when preparing translated marketing and advertising text:

1.) Word-for-word translation on Google Translate does not work. It can lead to failure of the message to translate or, in some cases, cause offence. Sometimes certain words do not exist in languages. 

2.) Have a view of dialectal differences as well as differences in measurements, currencies, the order of numbers and dates, and other local factors that should be kept in mind when drafting messaging. 

3.) Different languages have different character spaces, so double check when uploading a translation to ensure it fits within your desired word or space count. 

4.) Don’t forget to translate keywords that customers would search. 

5.) If creating advertisements or campaigns, create separate campaigns to view the CTR for the localized language. 

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