March 23, 2020

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis and with it comes the need to communicate information quickly, effectively and truthfully. Your employees, your customers, and your supply chain urgently need access to accurate information in a native language they understand to make well-informed decisions.

Keylingo is fully operational and ready to do our part in response to this international medical emergency. Along with our eco-system, we have developed a COVID-19-specific hygiene and remote working policy in late February in response to the advance of what at that time was an epidemic and what is now a pandemic. 

We are supporting our staff with medical/parental leave, when necessary, and will continue to do so as COVID-19 evolves.

And our staff are supporting us, and you, with their unwavering and ongoing commitment to sustainable, high quality service.

We are aware that a high number of translation requests are now coming in at odd hours and/or during the weekend.

We are here to assist people access health-related information:

We are continuing to provide services around the clock. No matter what your time zone or turnaround requirements, we are here to serve.

We are accepting new projects even after hours and on weekends at no additional charge.

We are building a multilingual database of common COVID-19 key terminology that we will share for free. Contact us for additional details.

Right now we are processing high volumes of COVID-19 related materials and notifications into multiple languages.

Together we can beat COVID-19.

Keep Well and Stay Safe!

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your urgent translation needs