July 14, 2020

Importance of  Legal Document Translation

Legal Document translation is often the difference between the successful or unsuccessful representation of a client. In different areas of law, a wide range of documents need to be translated daily. Deeds, Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Death Certificates and Contract of Sale are all examples of just a few important legal documents translated in any given law practice.

Legal Document Translation Process

Freelance translators should not be trusted to translate legal documents. There is a complicated process that takes place after the initial translation is completed. Remember, these documents need to stand up in a court of law and under strict scrutiny. All documents must be proofread, checked for a second time, and then accepted before they can be utilized.

Legal System Differences

Hire a translation company that knows the local customs in laws applicable to the document and where it will be used. For example, a Chinese death certificate used to Probate an Estate in a state in the United States should be translated for use in that state’s Surrogate court and not by a Chinese translator in Beijing.

Certified Legal Document Translation

Hire a legal document translation service that can certify their work. They will have a sworn translator able to swear to the accuracy of their translation that will go a long way when a court or legal entity is analyzing the documents themselves.

Translating documents for purposes of use in a court of law or the legal system should be approached seriously and handled strictly by professionals. These documents need to stand the test of time and require authenticity. Invest in and make use of professional companies that have well-known reputations for handling such matters since the difference between the successful representation of a client in this regard and not is the content of the translation and its accuracy. 

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