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Gain A Competitive Edge With Website Translation Services

by Chad Richardson

September 29, 2020

To a certain degree, free online translation services can be an adequate and effective way to deliver your content in multiple languages. However, as your business grows and your website begins to evolve, free online translation services like Google Translate will no longer be able to fulfill all of your needs. 

Here are a few signs that it is time for you to make the transition to professional website translation services. 

Your Business Has International Customers

Having the ability to provide product information in multiple languages is a very important key to having global sales success. Over 75 percent of consumers will prefer to buy products and services in their own language. If your website is only in one language, you could be missing out on potential loyal and life-long customers.

Your Business’s Growth Is Important To You

Businesses and organizations will often see various periods of rapid growth before the permanent growth and success actually happens. This will often happen to the businesses and organizations that are in a single market because the potential for growth can be limited at times. If you have a website that can be translated into multiple languages, you can put yourself in a better position to grow because you will target new customers and new markets.

You Want To Remain Competitive

There are multiple things to consider when you are trying to find ways to give you a competitive edge in your industry. If one or more of your main competitors are using multilingual websites, they have already given themselves and edge over you. If your competitors do not currently have a multilingual website, you can gain an advantage by turning your monolingual website into a multilingual website. Whatever your main competitors are doing in the industry, making the decision to translate your website will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for.

A website that appears native will gain the trust of your target audience quicker than website that does not appear native. Potential customers will feel more comfortable and at ease when browsing your website for the products or services they need. When a visitor lands on your website that has been professionally translated, you can create trust that will lead to lifelong customers.

If you believe that there are signs showing you that your website needs to be professionally translated, please do not hesitate to contact Keylingo Translations today.

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