Austin translation services can be a capital investment

by brenton

If your Hispanic target market is Texas’ capital city, Austin (pop. over 1.25 million), to reach that market you’ll need to employ Austin translation services. The numbers tell the story.  In fact, the Hispanic population in Austin has experienced phenomenal growth in the last 12 years.

Austin Hispanic stats

Consider the following stats from the Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on potential Spanish speaking customers:

  • Hispanic population: 657,000+ (about one-third of the total Austin metro area)
  • Hispanic Population growth: From 2000 to 2010, the Hispanic population in Austin increased by an astonishing 64%. This amounted to 45% of the total growth for the Austin Metro region.
  • Average Hispanic income: From $35,000 to $75,000 per year.
  • Hispanic purchasing power: Grew by 54% to a whopping $9.4 billion.
  • Hispanic-owned firms (2007): 13.1%.

Ample media outlets

The Austin broadcast area includes four (two broadcast and two cable) Spanish-only television local outlets, two AM and two FM radio stations. Austin is also home to three Spanish-language newspapers, Ahora Si!, El Mundo and La Voz De Austin.)

Advice when targeting the Hispanic market

If you’re planning on expanding your business to reach out to Hispanics, here’s some marketing advice. It’s from a recent Houston Chronicle article that we highlighted in a blog last April. It bears repeating:

  • Avoid stereotypes. Stereotyping can backfire because it is not only ineffective, but it also can be viewed as insensitive or even racist. Hispanics resent being viewed as different or separate.
  • Use language that demonstrates that you understand the local Austin Hispanic culture, which is essentially family oriented.
  • Be sensitive to traditionalists. They are the older or are newly relocated, and their primary language is Spanish, and they rely heavily on Spanish media outlets for information and ideas on where to take their business.
  • Likewise focus on the later generations of the Hispanic market. View this group as bicultural and plan for both English and Spanish ads in your marketing plans.
  • Don’t neglect brand awareness. You will build lasting loyalty if you take the time and extra effort. Focus on community activism and service, and over time you’ll gain fiercely loyal customers.

If you are located in or targeting Austin and plan on reaching out to the growing Hispanic market, contact us. No matter what your translation needs — from a Spanish language website to media copy that matches the local culture — we’ll broadcast your message in high cultural fidelity.

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