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5 Types of Business Translation You May Not Have Considered Before

by Chad Richardson

There are many different types of business translation. There are certain types that everyone has heard of such as the translation of letters, brochures, reports etc. But these are not the only types of translation that one can use in business. It all depends on the type of business you run. The truth is that any business can stand to grow and develop with translation services. Here are some more examples of business translation you may not have thought of before:

  • Creative Translation: If you’re working in a creative field, you might need transcreation for advertising copy, short stories or novels. If you run a magazine and you’re planning to start publishing it in a new country, you’ll need translation for your articles.
  • Equipment manuals: If you’re making a product that requires assembly and you’re planning on selling this product in a new country, you’ll need well-translated equipment manuals to ensure proper operation by those speaking a foreign language.
  • Museums and Art Galleries: Many museums get artwork on loan from museums in other countries. In this case, they will require translation of the history of the artwork, the life of the artist etc.
  • Free Trade Products: If you’re selling free trade products, you’re doing a great thing because you’re making sure that the people who make these products get what they deserve. But you’ll need translation to make sure that the buyers know where the products came from, how they were made and if they have any cultural significance.
  • Movies: We’ve all seen movies with subtitles. So we know what a difference it makes when the audio is translated well. If you’re in the movie business, you might need translation, depending on where you make the movies and where you’re planning to show them. This is especially true of independent movies making the film festival circuit.

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