5 Tips That Boost Team Engagement

by Maria Emilia Maisterrena

Increasing engagement in the work culture should be imperative. Engagement is directly linked to successful customer interaction, productivity, collaboration, and profitability. 

According to the Hay Group — a management consulting firm — companies with high scores in employee engagement have a revenue growth rate 2.5 times higher than those with low marks. 

On top of this, Bersin by Deloitte, an advisory and research firm, says 85 percent of global business leaders feel engagement is critical to business success. Ironically, a Gallup study reveals only about 34 percent of workers in the U.S. (and 14 percent worldwide) feel they’re engaged.

This said, no enterprise can afford to compromise on promoting engagement and reaping all its benefits. Here are five tips that boost team engagement.

1. Coaching and Training

A cross-training program could put the company in a beneficial position. Workers get a better understanding of colleague jobs and even how to do them. A broader understanding of the operation creates bonding and empathy.

2. Listen

One report says effective leadership includes paying closer attention to what workers say and then proactively acting on the feedback. Let workers see you’re listening and show how you act on the impressions.

3. Provide Individual Attention

A manufacturer in Philly gave applicants a test that identified individual tendencies. HR and management saw the results. They incorporated the data into interviews. The company also used the data to match workers with comforting tasks.

4. Incorporate a Social Aspect into Work Culture

Engagement at work requires an emotional investment. By fostering connections, teams develop healthy relationships. Give workers the chance to perform tasks and let them see the value brought to the table and that management appreciates it.

5. Recognize

Recognition and rewards increase engagement. You need to broadcast how a worker’s contribution contributes to success and productivity. 

Keylingo understands the importance of workers to business success. Without engagement, operations stagnate. Worse, you struggle to get and hang onto top talent. We’re ready to help you work through translation challenges. If you want to see more, contact Keylingo.

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