February 28,  2019

There are obvious reasons for using a translation company such as translating website copy from the original language to the one of a specific target audience or using a translator for an important meeting with a client who speaks a different language than you. But there are other subtle, yet powerful ways a translation company aids your business. In this post, we’ll examine two of those ways.

  1. A Translation Company is an Important Part of Marketing: If you are a business with a target audience that speaks a different language, you absolutely must be able to market to certain members of your target audience in their language. That’s where a translation company comes in. Not only are they a vital part of crafting all of your marketing literature into wording your target audience understands, they’ll be able to translate content in a way that resonates because they have the technology and cultural relevance to do so.
  2. A Translation Company Can Help Expand Your Business: When you decide to start marketing your products or services to another culture, you are instantly expanding your potential reach. But to effectively reach a new target audience, you have to speak their language. A translation company with expert translators (typically ones who are native speakers of that language) will help you cross language barriers and gain access to new customers, thus playing an imperative role in growing your business. Additionally, they will know certain things about the culture and language that you likely do not yet know yourself. They can share this information with you and help you gain new insights to develop a marketing strategy that truly appeals to your new audience.

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