February 27, 2020

Contracts and other legal documents are notorious for their complexity. They typically feature long, complex sentences and legal terminology. As a result, legal documents can be very difficult to translate. Because of how important this documents can be, you should entrust them only to the most qualified legal document translators that you can find. Here are some of the qualities that you want when seeking translators for this kind of work:

1. Legal Expertise

Simply being fluent in a language is not enough when it comes to the skills required to translate a legal document. In addition to being fluent, a legal document translator will need the necessary legal knowledge for a correct translation. They must be able to translate from the resource language to the target language while retaining the intent of the original document. Legal document translation is not an area where you can afford to overlook errors. A single poorly translated term could result in your firm being legally liable and could also ruin your reputation.

2. Experience in the Relevant Fields

In cases where the legal document pertains to technical or scientific fields, the translator will need education in those areas as well as translation experience in addition to their legal knowledge.

3. The Ability to Work Quickly

One of the challenges of legal document translation is that it must be performed according to a schedule. There are usually strict deadlines, which means that a translator must be skilled enough to handle a complex task in a short period without sacrificing accuracy.

4. The Ability to Maintain Confidentiality

Many of the legal documents that require translation also require confidentiality. Failing to keep them private can affect the outcome of business transactions, which means that the translator’s trustworthiness is paramount.

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