Translation Services “Par Excellence” for the Changing “Status Quo”

by brenton

Sometimes, when providing translation services, it seems like a better idea to use the phrase exactly as it is in the source language. As a result of this, many phrases from other languages have made their way over into English. Sometimes, we get so used to using them that we don’t even realize that they’re not in English.

When we go for interviews, we take our CVs along. That’s a curriculum vitae, a phrase that is borrowed from Latin. When we want to check the authenticity of something, we ask if it is bona fide, using yet another Latin phrase. And when there is a fiasco of epic proportions, we may not even realize that the word “fiasco” is really Italian.

Are these things you need to keep in mind the next time you get dinner from the à la carte menu? Or when you’re having atête-a-tête with your best friend?  Probably not.  Still, when you consider the benefits of not translating vis-à-vis the benefits of translating, you may find that the latter outweigh the former.

It’s better not to be a klutz in delicate matters. Recognize that the word “klutz” comes from Yiddish and give credit where credit is due! The world is changing, ergo you must also change.  Don’t be a prima donna and insist on conducting all your business in English. This might be the lingua franca of your world but there are many people out there for whom it is not de rigueur.  These people will give you kudos for taking the time to reach out to them. They may not be fans of your product or service per se, but they’re likely to become aficionados.

So don’t let a glitch in translation ruin your chances in a new market. Translation services are not only for the avant-garde but for everyone. In today’s world, you can’t shrug off mistakes, saying “C’est la vie.” You have to be part of the changing status quo. If you’re looking for a translation service par excellence, contact us.

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