Translation Services May Help Travel Firms Market to Chinese Tourists

by brenton

According to the World Tourism Organization’s data, international tourists infused an estimated $1.3 trillion into the global economy last year. Of those, many were Chinese tourists visiting the United States. They presently represent a lucrative market that many tourism related businesses are hoping to tap into. So lucrative in fact, that the Georgia Department of Economic Development and others have a history of making concerted efforts to reach them. However, capitalizing on the current market trend does not come without challenges.

One of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome is the language barrier. Understandably, it impacts every aspect of a hospitality firm’s marketing efforts as well as the delivery of onsite services. Therefore, travel related businesses looking to capitalize on the market trend should consider hiring professional translation companies that offer substantial depth and breadth of services. They can help to reduce the likelihood that a sale will be lost due to language barrier issues or cultural misunderstandings.

For example, let’s assume that a travel company wants to market a U.S. based tour to Chinese students living abroad. A professional translation services firm can help by creating tour brochures, tour contract forms, promotional videos, websites and catalog materials in flawless Chinese. They may also help translate the materials needed to create a booking portal, enhance social media campaigns, build brand awareness, launch cooperative marketing initiatives and provide supplemental tour information to the travel company’s clients

Examples of supplemental tour information that could be translated into Chinese include:

  • Insider information about area attractions (i.e. best time of day to visit or best place to buy souvenirs)
  • Directions, special deals and menus provided by area restaurants (i.e. co-op marketing partners)
  • Audio walking tours and voiceovers for guided motorcoach tours
  • Travel budget planners and currency converters

In addition to providing marketing materials, professional translation services may also help travel related businesses deliver onsite services. This may be accomplished by having one of the firm’s professionals provide translation services directly to the Chinese tourists. In some instances, the translators may also be able to assist the travel company’s staff carry out corporate training initiatives.

Would you like more details about how professional translation services may help travel businesses succeed? Contact us via the Keylingo Translations’ website.

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