April 7, 2020

When the world is going through challenging times, translation becomes even more important than before. This is because everyone around the world is facing the same type of situation. Many people are on lockdown and cannot leave their homes. So they continue working and running their businesses from home. At the same time, experts, doctors and researchers are trying to find a solution to the pandemic facing the world, and it’s necessary for them to be able to communicate with each other. Here are some ways in which translation can help us during challenging times:

  1. Sharing Scientific Research: When doctors and researchers around the world are conducting research on trying to find a solution, they need to be able to share their findings with each other. When someone does come up with a potential solution, they will need to be able to share the information with people in other countries and translation plays a key role in the communications.
  2. Sharing Preventive Measures: Some countries have been affected more by the pandemic than others. Fortunately, however, we are learning as we go, and by this point, people have realized that physical distancing is the most important thing. In order to share what we learn about preventing this illness with other countries, translation becomes necessary. Translators work in the background and are one of many unsung heroes during these challenging times.
  3. Running Businesses: Even as doctors and researchers are trying to figure out a solution to what’s going on in the world today, businesses are adapting to operate as normal as possible. New policies and procedures are being put in place to keep workers safe, many of which speak different languages. This means translators are busy working on translations to help businesses communicate across all areas of their operations quickly and effectively.

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