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Test the Waters with a New Target Audience by Using Translation Services

by Jim Dulin

November 11, 2020

Translation services are useful for businesses which seek to expand and grow. When you start a small business, you’re probably just selling to a certain type of customer who lives in a certain area. Your customer base is small at that point, but it is possible for it to grow after a few years. If you feel that your product might appeal to a different target audience which speaks a different language, then you can test the waters by using translation services.

How Translatable Is Your Marketing Slogan?

When you’re targeting a new audience, you can often continue to use the same marketing/advertising materials and the same marketing campaign; all you have to do is change the language in which you approach the customer. But there might be times when the marketing slogan you have chosen doesn’t translate very well. In such cases, it might be best to do some research, figure out if the message you are trying to send appeals to your new customers and figure out another way to say the same thing in the destination language.

What Features of Your Product Do You Emphasize?

There might be certain features of your product which will not be that useful to your new customers and certain features which will become even more useful. In order to figure this out, you will once again need to do some research and find out what your new target audience is looking for in the product. Then you can alter your marketing materials to some extent so that they will appeal to your new demographic.

Understanding the Culture of Your Target Audience

When you work with a good translator, they should be able to give you more information about your target audience. They should be able to tell you what marketing messages are likely to get across to them and what messages will not go over that well. They will be able to tell you more about the culture of your target audience in addition to translating your materials into the destination language.

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