Software Translation
July 20, 2017

Software Localization Services

by Chad Richardson

Native-level language use is absolutely essential for building a good reputation with any product. This is especially true for software.


Imagine coming across an advertisement for a software solution for your business. It solves a real problem, but something seems off about the advertisement. You can’t put your finger on it, but some of the text just seems unnatural. That doesn’t seem professional. A reputable business would have a good marketing team, right? Who are these people anyway?

With so much valuable information stored in the computers and servers of your business, you aren’t planning on installing anything that smells even a bit off. Better to wait until something that seems trustworthy comes along!

In the real world, you probably don’t even get to this point. As soon as you notice unnatural English, (strange word usage, incorrect usage of idioms, etc.) you click away immediately. Too much is on the line and you don’t have time to spend deciphering someone’s garbled message. The same is true for your potential customers!


Professional translation is a must!

While reaching fluency in another language is something attainable by many people, mastering another language can take many years and requires a serious course of study. Fluency is the ability to speak comfortably in another language. Professional translators go beyond fluency. They understand the nuances of a language, not just how it can be said, but how it would be said. This is an important distinction. Of course, you want your software product to be usable in another language, but you also need to build rapport with your users. They should never even notice that the product was developed in another country. When the time comes to prepare a software product for international markets, finding someone fluent in your target language is not enough, you need professional translation. We can help!

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