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Partner Early to Reach Your Website’s Multilingual Potential

by Jim Dulin

May 12, 2021

How can you best access the global marketplace where over half of the web community speaks a language other than English? How can you make all your customers and prospects–regardless of their native language–feel comfortable, safe, and secure enough to do business with your organization?

Team up with an experienced translation partner as early as you can in your website development process. Let their experience and expertise in languages, cultures, regulatory environments, and more enable you to weave linguistic and cultural flexibility and scalability into your website growth strategy.

Then when planned for, and even unplanned for, new-language traffic and opportunities start to grow, you won’t have to hit pause. You won’t have to endure the financial crush of unexpected upgrades. You will be ready with a website specifically designed to accommodate the new-language traffic and have systems in place to account for increased translation, localization, and transcreation workloads.

The Right Language Partner Can Help You With

  • – Translations that are culturally in sync, that spark emotions and action
  • – Translations using today’s vocabulary that captures current cultural nuances and trends
  • – Managing translation and transcreation workloads as demand grows
  • – Showing that you care about and want to make it easier for non-English speakers
  • – Knowledge about localized, preferred payment options and restrictions
  • – Overall linguistic and cultural strategies before and as you move into new language markets

And Help You Avoid

    • – Increased costs associated with unplanned, midstream upgrades and add-ins
    • – Delays in growth and lost opportunities
    • – Time wasted managing and updating unfamiliar website translation pages and posts
    • – Offending and alienating customers and prospects in spectacular fashion as we all know happened with global giants Coca- Cola, Chevrolet, and Electrolux

Untapped Opportunities Await

An experienced language partner can help you maximize your website’s multilingual potential and reach across global and cultural boundaries for untapped opportunities. Wherever you might be along your website development timeline, now is the best time to look into and bring a trusted language partner onboard. Contact us to learn how partnering with Keylingo can help bring the world to your doorstep.

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