Interesting Facts About Sign Language Both Locally and Globally

by Maria Emilia Maisterrena

As we’re already aware, sign language allows those who have lost their hearing, are mute, or both are given the ability to communicate and understand situations in everyday life. However, this form of communication is subject to subtle nuances across the country and around the world. In this light, let’s look at some interesting facts about this fascinating language and how it is being interpreted locally and globally.


Signing Outside the Lines

Similar to any form of language, this type of communication will differ given various dialects, regional accents, and slang. While an accent is difficult to convey with our hands, slang has worked its way into the method known as ASL (American Sign Language). Pidgin (or Pigeon) English began as a way to communicate word-for-word while stepping aside from ASL standards. 


In other words, the way Spanish is spoken and written is a little backward or differently communicated as compared to English and other languages. While the Pidgin presentation may have started out as a form of slang, it eventually evolved into a bridge of sorts between the way Americans speak and how the British communicate with each other. 


Adding Attitude, Originality, and Style

When it comes to attitude, many may have noticed those who interpret sign language at musical events have plenty of personalities in their own right. Since music itself is open to interpretation, these translators often bring their own unique sense of style, originality, and presentation to the stage. Think of it this way, the slow melodic movements of those at more mellow events are much different from the rock-and-roll style of those who are interpreting at more hardcore venues who add unique dance moves into the mix. 

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