Houston translation services and Hispanic customer creation

by brenton

If your Hispanic target market is Texas’ largest city, Houston (metro population 6 million+), you’re in exactly the right place. To reach that market you’ll need to employ Houston translation services.

Houston Hispanic stats

Consider the following stats from the on potential Spanish speaking customers:

  • Hispanic population: 2.4 million (about one-third of the total metro population)
  • Annual household expenditures: $23 million (21 percent of the gross)
  • Spanish speaking (includes bilingual English or Spanish preferred): 1.6 million. (About 416,000 of that total speak no English at all.)

No shortage of media outlets

The Houston broadcast area accommodates 10 Spanish TV and 5 radio broadcast stations. Six print outlets, including the “Houston Chronicle” and “La Voz de Houston” target a vibrant Hispanic population with spending power, which according to one piece in Demand Media’s online Chron, “is at its highest point in history.”

Targeting advice

Chron’s article, “Hispanic Marketing Strategies” has some sage advice on reaching your potential Hispanic customers:

  • Avoid Hispanic stereotypes at all costs! According to Chron, “Not only is this approach ineffective, it can be viewed as insensitive and can backfire,” because Hispanics do not want to be viewed “as different or separate.”
  • Use content language that shows you understand the local culture, which includes family and business integrity.
  • Be sensitive to Hispanic traditionalists, who are older or are newly relocated. Spanish for this group is the primary language, and they tap into Spanish media for their information and consumption ideas.
  • Go for the later (second, third and fourth-generation) Hispanic market. View them as bicultural and consider simultaneous English and Spanish ad campaigns in your marketing.
  • Work on brand awareness, and you will build lasting loyalty. This takes time and requires an extra effort in the areas of community activism and service.

If you are located in Houston (or anywhere else inside or outside Texas) and want to reach out to the growing Hispanic market, contact us. No matter what your translation need (from advertising to media campaigns to websites), we can get your message out and you’ll gain everything in the translation with nothing lost in cultural fidelity.

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