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Why a Bilingual Staff is No Substitute for Professional Translation Services

by Jim Dulin

There are many benefits to having a bilingual staff, but serving as a replacement for professional translation services is not one of them. Consider these 3 reasons for why your business may need to use the services of a translation agency.

Having staff who speak several languages can make your workplace more diverse, put visitors at their ease, and maybe even save lives if you’re delivering vital services to clients with limited English proficiency. However, fluency in another language is just one requirement for providing translation services. These are some of the advantages of working with a reputable agency.

Ensure quality. Professional translators often have extensive education and experience, and may have certifications in specialized areas such as the legal and medical fields. Plus, unlike working with a single staff member or solo free-lancer, engaging an agency gives you access to a team of experts who complement each other’s capabilities, and examine each other’s work.

Stay updated. Agencies have more resources for keeping up with the latest computer software and industry trends. Your staff member may be relying on what they can remember from their university days.

Save time and money. The time your employee spends on translation is time they’re diverted from their core responsibilities. That’s especially expensive when you’re on a tight deadline, and you realize that it’s taking them much longer than a professional translator to process the same material. Even more critical, if flaws in their translation damage your business reputation or cost you clients, you’ll appreciate that working with a professional agency is the better option.

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