May 21, 2020

Our world has witnessed immense changes in recent decades. In business, many of these recent developments have come in the form of globalization and automation, and these touch nearly every area of economic life. Many areas of business adjusted in response, and others began to question their place in the rapidly evolving business world. For translation services in particular, the rise of globalization and automation means a special and continued need for quality translations.


The connected reality entails the sharing of information among people happens on a scale that humanity has never seen before. In some cases, this means that others learn our language. In other instances, we learn their languages. One would think that multilingualism, or at least bilingualism, would become the norm across the planet. True, for some countries this is the rule and not the exception, but it isn’t always the case.

For those who speak languages more prominent in business, they are privileged in a particular manner. Rather than having to learn others’ languages, it will more often be the case that others learn their languages in order to do business in these regions or have a common language. This means less of a need for some to learn foreign languages to the same level as those with whom they do business.

Quality translation services remain vital to helping businesses continue to solve their challenges and ensure clear communication among people.


Automation remains one of the most striking and rapidly growing areas of business. Whether in big data, AI, or more everyday instances, automation has ascended to a permanent place in business.

Considering the need, difficulty, and uses of automation, it was natural for translation through automated services to appear. They provide quick and easy access to translate small sentences or phrases, but a program cannot replace the knowledge, experience, and feel for a language that a learned translator possesses.

For this reason, quality translation from a human will always trump that of an automated service. This is especially important for businesses, where high degrees of accuracy and awareness are often imperatives.

Keylingo: Quality Solutions

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