3 Tips for Effective Cryptocurrency Translations

by Frederick Marx

Cryptocurrencies are global by nature, and investors, traders, and miners are from different parts of the world. Cryptocurrencies do not have a central power to establish their worth. As a global entity, just like other industries, professional translation is paramount in digital currency investment and transactions. If your enterprise is planning to establish a new cryptocurrency and organize an Initial Coin Offering, you need a professional translator.


Here are three tips for effective cryptocurrency translations that will make your strategy stand out from the competition.


Determine what to localize, what to explain, and what to translate


People are used to using vocabulary that is only understood within the industry. The cryptocurrency translator should be careful about which words to maintain English, which ones to translate, and which ones to localize. Additionally, they should be keen on when to offer an explanatory comment on such words and when not to do so. For example, a professional translator will translate the word cryptocurrency as ‘criptomoneda’ or ‘criptodivisa,’ and the choice of one word over the other will depend on the locality of the target audience.


Offer a glossary


It is fair to set up a glossary and offer it free of charge during consultations. It is not always necessary, but it is highly advisable to have a contact page on your website to invite your customers to book consultations. If you do so, you will need an efficient crypto translator. Your glossary will benefit your clients, both experienced and new in cryptocurrency.  Your translator must understand and analyze the context of the used texts.


Different translations for different platforms and documents


It is not a good idea to have a general strategy for all text platforms. Each one of them will require a different strategy that best suits it. Your translator should understand this and focus on the main goal before deciding on the strategy to use. For financial or technical documents, let your translator maintain crypto technology and a solid financial understanding that will drive your stakeholders and shareholders to trust your business.


Today, more and more people are expressing interest in joining the cryptocurrency market. To be successful in business, you need to be effective in your translation and capitalize on this trend. For more information on translation services, please  contact us

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