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April 22, 2020

3 Things to Look For When Hiring a Technical Manual Translation Service

by Chad Richardson

April 21, 2020

Technical manual translation requires a different set of skills that not all translators possess. High accuracy and knowledge of the terminology used in the field are required to ensure the translated version contains the same ideas found in the original document. Since these technical documents are often used in machinery, automobile and electronic device operation, having the right language helps us avoid misunderstandings and incorrect instructions that could end up costing dearly. Here are things to look out for when hiring a technical manual translation service.

Check the Translator’s Experience

One way to make sure you pick the right person for the job is to look at their past projects. Find projects that have similar aspects to the one you are working on and pay attention to the kind of language they use when translating technical content while remembering some industry-specific terminology may require the use of a glossary.

Start Small

Before committing to a long-term project with a translating service, consider giving them a trial assignment to see how things go. This works quite well for companies you first work with to understand not only the quality of their work, also their processes and timelines. Most professional services will have no problem with this, as it gives them a chance to establish a long-term working relationship with you.

Knowledge in the Subject Matter

Technical translation is not just about knowing the destination language well enough. Even native speakers have trouble speaking technical terms if they are not in the field. That’s why it’s important to check the translator’s credentials to make sure they have knowledge in your project field.

Hiring technical manual translators with the right skills is critical to your project success. Let us know what questions you have and we’ll help guide you through the process.

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