When you work in advertising, you understand the importance of public opinion and how easily it can be swayed in one direction or the other. Something which seems minor to you might have a major effect on the public which can get easily turned on or off. This is what makes it necessary to have good advertising translation services. They can help you to make sure that the undertones and overtones which are present in your original advertisement also make it through in translation.

Difficulty of Translating Logos

It is notoriously difficult to translate company logos which often depend on the way they sound rather than just their meaning. Obviously, when you trade one language in for another, you will have to settle for a different set of sounds. But if these can be made more appealing to the ear, then the translation will have achieved its purpose.

Making Sure the Message Gets Across

Another thing you need to watch out for in advertising translation is: what exactly is this advertisement telling the viewer to do? What is the message of this advertisement? Sometimes, the translation might be accurate but the message changes. Rather than motivational, it may come across as scolding or teasing, which is not your intention.

Meaning vs. Effect on the Viewer

Advertising translation is different from other forms of translation because the actual meaning of the words counts for less than the effect that they have upon the viewer. In other types of translation, you need to make sure that you maintain a delicate balance between meaning and effect. Sometimes, you might sacrifice one and sometimes you might sacrifice the other. However, a balance is generally maintained.

But when it comes to advertising, the effect on the viewer counts for more than the meaning. So if you have a choice between two translations, one which is accurate in terms of meaning and one which is accurate in terms of the motivating effect upon the viewer, you should go with the second.

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