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A growing consumer electronics company goes global

Nanoleaf makes smart home products that take ordinary experiences and makes them extraordinary. Over the course of six years, they opened offices in Asia, Europe, and North America. Today, their products are sold in over 40 countries.

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The Challenge

With demand for their products increasing around the world, Nanoleaf was quickly outgrowing their website. They approached Keylingo to make the Nanoleaf website multilingual and region specific, all while keeping the brand voice consistent.

The expanded site also needed to play nice with their e-commerce pages and integrate with the technical specifications of the site. And given their lean operation, the initial localization and ongoing translation efforts needed to be efficient and automated whenever possible, without losing accuracy, quality, and control.

”The best thing about working with you is you’re so reliable!”

Paul Austin-Menear - VP-Commerce Operations, Nanoleaf

The Solution

We created a customized technology stack to automate repetitive tasks and file exchange while professional linguists did the localization, producing efficient translations with the highest level of accuracy and cultural awareness.

We selected Basecamp for communication, consultation, and project management. Creating multiple user accounts for people on the Nanoleaf team prevented bottlenecks in the approval process while keeping all the necessary partners in the loop. Our proprietary solution ContentFlow automatically sent the English content from the website to the localization teams. After the teams completed their translation for each language, the content was automatically loaded to a staging server for the Nanoleaf team’s review.

We determined that implementing the website and ecommerce translations one region at a time would ensure a successful launch. By combining sophisticated, mature processes and technology with the customer service and attention more common amongst smaller, single-language vendors, we localized the website for 17 countries and 12 languages.

We were able to accomplish this while integrating seamlessly with Nanoleaf’s existing technology stack and maintaining fast load times on the website. Their media-rich website loads in 1.3 seconds in Japan and Korea, for example.

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Our Partnership

A collaborative, solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving and knowledge-sharing helped Nanoleaf put their best foot forward. When Nanoleaf was faced with an expensive upgrade to their existing software package in order to automate the translations, we offered to troubleshoot this issue. Twelve hours later, we had a solution in place that worked with Nanoleaf’s existing software agreement, saving them $60,000 annually in software subscription upgrades. That holistic, consultative approach convinced Nanoleaf to work with Keylingo for all of their translation needs.

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