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Multilingual HR

Human Resources professionals understand the power of a diverse workforce. But are HR departments harnessing the full potential of multilingual communication?

Synergy Summit 2023

Our CEO and VP of Sales and Marketing in Ericeira, Portugal strategizing to ensure that 2024 is nothing short of amazing. We're passionate about making your language needs effortless, and this summit is a major step in that direction.

Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

The true power of AI lies in its synergy with Human Intelligence. Bring these forces together, understanding that one doesn't exclude the other.

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Morphology and why it’s key for good translation

What is Morphology? One of the branches of linguistics is morphology i.e., the study of word formations.  We may think that a word is the smallest unit of language, but, often, a word can be divided into two or more units.  Take, for example, the word “smallest” itself and you will see that it’s composed…

The Importance of Language Contact on Translation Services

Nowadays, we generally associate different countries with different languages.  Some countries have one dominant language which is spoken throughout e.g., in the United States, English is the dominant language.  However, in other parts of the world, many languages are spoken within one country.  In terms of the Western world, Switzerland is a good example because…

The relationship between translation and etymology

The word “etymology” comes from the Greek “etymon” which means “true sense” and “logia” which means “study of.”  However, etymology doesn’t necessarily mean studying the true meanings of words.  Rather, it refers to a historical study of how a certain word originated, something which can be very useful when it comes to providing translation services.…