Professional Translation Services

Keylingo works with some of the world’s most respected companies. They turn to us for the accurate, affordable and professional translation services they need to help increase their global revenue. Then they keep coming back and telling friends/colleagues that Keylingo WOWed them with responsiveness, customer service and a supremely positive client experience.

Along the way, Keylingo has managed thousands of language translation projects encompassing millions of words in every major business language, subject matter and industry for these clients–and for businesses of all sizes and statures–large, small, famous, not.

  • Enterprise Business Translation Services

    Knocking on new doors behind which another language is spoken? You need language translation services for your business. Whether your business is moving into a new market and needs documentation and content localized, or you are attempting to improve your customer’s overall experience in an existing foreign market, Keylingo is your man. Or, woman. . . . team.

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  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

    Did you hear the one about the manufacturer of those god-awful fanny packs? Ran an ad in the Italian newspapers encouraging people to buy their new, light-weight, durable, go-anywhere body bag. True story. Never would have happened with Keylingo. That’s because our native translation, editing and proofreading teams are familiar with the cultural nuances so imperative to successful marketing and advertising translation.

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  • Litigation and Transaction Translation Services

    We work with many law firms and attorneys, because when it comes to the delicate nature of having legal documents precisely translated, Keylingo is the professional translation services vendor of choice for many firms. Our team includes professional legal translators who can translate legalese like nobody’s business. And they’re fast, too, so bring on the tight deadlines; they don’t scare us.

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  • Scientific and Technical Translation Services

    Is this heaven or hell? You decide: your workday starts with a cup of coffee before sitting down at the computer to translate detail-intensive patent documents, operator manuals, repair/shop manuals, safety manuals, technical training videos/presentations and software applications. Then, the technical files are created in a variety of different formats with lots of images, requiring an extra time-consuming desktop publishing step. At the end of the day, you go home and tell your better half what fun you had translating that machine manual. Next day, same thing. Believe it or not, our translators think this is heaven. They are native linguists, bringing consistency to each job and performing specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology that accurately expresses the original document’s meaning and intent in a foreign language. These guys are highly specialized translators.

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  • In-person and Over-the-phone Interpretation Services

    We write it, and we speak it. As with translation, successful language interpretation requires linguists with excellent language skills and subject area knowledge. However, language interpreters work with the spoken–rather than written–word. And they must perform on the spot. Our sharp language interpreters think fast on their feet and have very strong interpersonal and professional protocol skills, as well as the skill of communicating across languages. And anyway, how cool is it to have your own interpreter right there next to you? Pretty darn cool.

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  • Certified/Official Translation Services

    It’s not just a cliché that the world is getting smaller. Increased globalization means that people of many different countries and cultures interact in ways never before imagined. Along with this increased interaction has come an increase in the need for translations of official documents. International marriages, adoptions, travel, insurance, immigration/emigration, and numerous other daily activities require the translation and acceptance of documents from one controlling agency to another. Keylingo can provide you with certified, professional translation services for any official documentation.

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  • Software Localization Services

    Software localization isn’t a simple word-for-word translation from one language to another. It must account for the specific linguistic, cultural, and technical characteristics of the target language. In short, it must speak the language of your customers. If your software company is ready to do business in the global marketplace, then you need a software localization company that can help you tread the waters of those new markets. You need Keylingo for your language translation service needs.

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  • Website Translation Services

    Is your website saying “Welcome” to international business by providing multiple language options? Or is it saying “Sorry We’re Closed” to international business unless you speak our language. Without a properly translated and localized website for each of your global markets, you are limiting the potential size of your business. Keylingo can help your website permanently put out the “Welcome” sign with professional website translation services.

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Our Translation Process

Thanks to technology, the process of translation has improved immensely. However, the essence of translation remains unchanged–individuals rewriting text from one language into another.

We believe that many in our industry, in an effort to differentiate themselves, would have you believe they've built a better mousetrap. It's just not true. The vast majority of projects still require, quite simply:

  • A team of skilled linguists to translate the written word from one language to another. (i.e., translation, editing and proofreading.
  • A Project Manager to supervise the linguists and administer projects from start to finish.
  • And a Managing Director to serve as the single point of contact for the client.

The "Key" is project management, and Keylingo has the project management process down to a science–and we will never let the client down.

So, the next time you are shopping for translation services and a vendor tries to woo you with fancy jargon, proprietary software or quality certifications–not to mention outlandish claims of bigger is better–watch out! You may pay too much, receive poor customer service, or get questionable quality, with dispersed accountability (meaning not much) if the process of your project is interrupted. Keylingo will never impose these tricks of the trade on you. Click here to read about the Keylingo Difference.

But don't take our word for it. Give us a try–for free. Seriously, take us for a walk, a test drive, or whatever you'd like to call it. If you have a project pending, we'll translate a small section – gratis. You'll quickly see that we are no-nonsense, top-notch professionals, and that we're here to make international business, and your life, easier. Find a Keylingo location near you to get started.


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