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New to Translations?

Translation is often described as the world's second oldest profession. Ironically, however, it's also a business few people understand. So, if you feel a little uninformed, shake it off.

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Our Story

Keylingo has been in business since 2004. Our Founder, Frederick Marx, started the company in his basement, and we've grown into a global enterprise from there.

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why us

Make that a great translation company. We adapt our clients' business, marketing and legal communications to new languages. This helps them sell their products and perform their services more efficiently around the world. Keylingo's focus is translation. We also provide interpretation services, both in-person and over-the-phone.

In the last couple decades, translation has become increasingly complex. Growing demand and low entry barriers make purchasing translation services like buying wine. You have a sea of potential choices, consisting of large and boutique producers and everything in between. The "Key" to making the right choice is to get educated.

If you don't, you risk pairing a Riesling with a rib-eye and that's just not right. The same holds true for translation. Your choice of vendor is very important. But like wine, there's a lot of noise. Take a look at other translation company websites. Most say similar things. Ours does not. Curious? Give us a few clicks of your time, and you'll see what we're talking about.


Professional Translation Services

Keylingo works with some of the world's most respected companies. They turn to us for the accurate, affordable and professional translation services they need to help increase their global revenue.

  • Enterprise Business Translation Services
  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services
  • Litigation and Transaction Translation Services
  • Scientific and Technical Translation Services
  • In-person and Over-the-phone Interpretation Services
  • Certified/Official Translation Services
  • Software Localization Services
  • Website Translation Services

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