Website Translation Services

The corporate website has become the front door to international business. For better or worse, it is the first impression that your business gives to the rest of the world.

What's your website saying about your business?

Is it saying "Welcome" to international business by providing multiple language options? Or is it saying "Sorry We're Closed" to international business unless you speak our language. Without a properly translated and localized website for each of your global markets, you are limiting the potential size of your business.

Keylingo can help your website permanently put out the "Welcome" sign with these website translation services:

  • Linguistic translations
  • Professional website translation services
  • Website localization, including:
  • Graphics modification
  • Ensuring operability in non-Latin based languages
  • Cultural acceptance including:
  • Currency
  • Date time
  • Weights and measure
  • Cultural expressions

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, Keylingo's website translation services will help you tell the world you not only have the technology to do business globally, but that you respect, understand, and appreciate the culturally differences of your customers.

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Professional Website Translation

Translating a website into multiple languages is anything but a straightforward process. Unlike other translation services, professional website translation requires a range of skills that goes beyond simply translating text from one language to another. It requires linguists, translators, and Web technologists who understand both the linguistic nuances and the technology nuances necessary to translate your site to other languages. We will take your source files and turn them into fully localized files that are ready to launch in your chosen languages.

Keylingo's team of professional website translation experts will not only help you add language options to your site, but we'll even help you decide which languages will be most beneficial to developing international markets for your business.

We can also consult with you on languages that you must optimize for. That's right, must. Several European Union and Asian countries require you to make native language sites available if you plan to do business in their countries. Who knew? We did.

Keylingo's professional website translation services will take you beyond a standard FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) translation and help you show the world that you are truly a global player.

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Website Localization Services

Website localization isn't just translating your site's content into a target language. It is ensuring that your site is completely optimized for that market. It ensures that it's not only linguistically correct but also culturally appropriate. Simple things like the incorrect usage of dates and time, currency, and weights and measures show potential customers that you've come looking for their money, but that you don't care about their culture.

Never underestimate the significance of cultural appropriateness when considering website localization. What is common and accepted in one language may be rude and vulgar in another. Translating verbatim without considering website localization needs opens up a potential Pandora's box of trouble.

We all know of the dangers of insulting people by raising the wrong finger or two at the wrong time in the wrong place. And in certain countries it is illegal to kiss in public. Cultural misunderstandings happen all of the time. Your website is no different. Don't let it get you in trouble by not understanding the local culture, practices, and mores.

Keylingo translators' knowledge of cultural customs will help you avoid misunderstandings and mishaps associated with an uninformed website translation. After all, you can't sit there beside a potential customer or business partner reading your site for the first time and explain any unfortunate or incorrect phrasings.

Keylingo will give you the confidence of knowing that your website not only looks the part, but acts the part too.

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