Software Localization Services

So you're sitting on the next big thing software program. You just know that it will take the market by storm. You'll sell millions of licenses within the first few months after launch. Not if you don't have a globalization plan it won't. In today's global economy, software products must be able to penetrate both foreign and domestic markets. Software localization holds the key to opening up those new markets.

Software localization isn't a simple word-for-word translation from one language to another. It must account for the specific linguistic, cultural, and technical characteristics of the target language. In short, it must speak the language of your customers.

Our software localization services can localize the following:

  • Software UI Code
  • Help Screens/Menus/Short Cuts
  • Software Manuals
  • End-User Agreements
  • Warranties
  • Packaging
  • And more...

Localization is more than just translation. It includes project management, software engineering and testing, and desktop publishing. Your Keylingo account director and his/her team of project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders, and technical experts will assess your software and determine the correct course for localizing your software.

A key aspect of software localization services is the ability to separate source text from source code. Our team of translators and technical specialists can work in most common computer languages and file types to ensure that the source text is translated while the integrity of the source code is maintained.

Our software localization experts will adapt the user interface to fit translations including forms, dialogs, graphics, scripts, and other media and visible text. Your software and its associated documentation will be delivered in the desired target language and in the file formats your require.

A Software Localization Company You Can Rely On

Like scientific and technical translations, software localization demands accuracy, precision, and technical understanding of the software's lingo and nomenclature. Additionally, it requires the ability to translate those ideas to languages that may not easily accommodate technical jargon.

A successfully localized software program looks and feels like it was written for the target language. It also sells better. Customers can see right through a software program that was shoehorned into a their language without going through the necessary localization process. If you've ever read a poorly translated user manual, then you know exactly what we mean. Software localization must account for units of measure, time format, number formats, address formats, paper sizes, fonts, currency conversion, copyright issues, and local regulations to proper fit into the contextual needs of global users.

Your next big thing software product must fill a need, to be sure, but it must also make global customers feel comfortable when they use it. Don't let your software localization company affect the sales of your product.

If your software company is ready to do business in the global marketplace, then you need a software localization company that can help you tread the waters of those new markets. You need Keylingo.

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