Scientific & Technical Translation Services

Managing scientific and technical documents is a difficult task. Versioning alone can take teams of people months to complete. Now multiple that difficulty when translating to other languages. Scientific and technical documentation requires precision, accuracy, and consistency. Even the slightest change to operating instructions or units of scale can lead to disastrous results for your customers and employees in foreign markets.

Keylingo's scientific & technical translation services will translate any technical document without the worry of mistakes, omissions, or mistranslations. Our scientific and technical translation services include:

  • Patent Documents
  • Operator Manuals
  • Repair Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Training Videos and Presentations
  • Software Applications
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Data Sheets
  • And other scientific and technical documentation...

Technical Translation Services

Even the most hardcore tech-writing jockey rarely curls up in front of the fireplace with the latest product installation manual. Technical writing is dry and boring stuff. But ... it's dry, boring stuff that has to be accurate and precise 100% of the time, especially when translating it to foreign languages. Keylingo's technical translation services are grounded in quality translation and in-depth research that enables our translators to translate intent and meaning into crucial technical documentation.

Scientific Translation Services

Scientific language can range anywhere from dry and prosaic to lively and poetic. Sometimes it's peppered with abstract ideas. Other times, it's mired in hard facts and details. Either way, translating scientific writing to foreign languages requires scientific translation services that have both linguistic and scientific skills. Keylingo's translators have both and then some. Don't worry about the Greek and Latin scientific language. They'll make sure your scientific documents seamlessly make the transition to all the major Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages.

Not Your Average Technical Translation Agency

Is this heaven or hell? You decide ...

Your workday starts with a cup of coffee before sitting down at the computer to translate detail-intensive patent documents, operator manuals, repair/shop manuals, safety manuals, technical training videos/presentations and software applications. Then, the technical files are created in a variety of different formats with lots of images, requiring an extra time-consuming desktop publishing step. At the end of the day, you go home and tell your better half what fun you had translating that machine manual. Next day? Same thing.

This is the life of our technical translation agency. Believe it or not, our translators think this is heaven. They are native linguists, bringing consistency to each job and performing specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology that accurately expresses the original document's meaning and intent in a foreign language. These guys are highly specialized translators.

Scientific & Technical Translation Services That Provide Results

Keylingo will give you the confidence of knowing that your company's technical documentation is accurate, readable, and understandable to your foreign market customers and employees.

Contact us today to learn more about our scientific and technical translation services.

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