Professional Interpreter Services

We write it. We speak it. We interpret it. As with translation, successful language interpretation requires linguists with excellent language skills and subject area knowledge. Language interpreters, however, work with the spoken rather than written word. They must also perform on the spot. Our sharp language interpreters think fast on their feet and have strong interpersonal and professional protocol skills, as well as the skill of communicating across languages.

Keylingo's interpreters are highly knowledgeable in the subject matter to be interpreted. They are also intimately familiar with the languages and the culture of both the source and target languages. Combined with their expert note-taking techniques, they can express thoughts concisely in both languages.

Our interpretation services include:

  • Onsite Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Over the Phone Interpretation
  • Interpretation Services

Interpretation services require a delicate balancing act of communications between you, your interpreter, and your customer. Getting the translation right can mean the difference between success and failure. Keylingo interpreters are skilled linguists just like our translators.

For those times when only a warm smile and handshake will do, Keylingo's onsite interpretation services put our interpreters at your location to provide professional translations for conventions, conferences, business meetings, tradeshows, and legal proceedings. Wherever you have a need for an interpreter, Keylingo's interpreters can be there.

We can provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services depending upon your need. With simultaneous or "live" interpretation our interpreters must listen, translate, and speak at the same time. If that sounds difficult, you're right. Our interpreters can think and act quickly to provide accurate interpretations that ensure that no spoken words are lost.

Consecutive interpreting doesn't require the on-the-fly decisiveness of simultaneous interpretation, but it does require the same command and understanding of the source language. In consecutive interpretation, our interpreters listen and take notes while a speaker speaks for a few minutes at a time. Our interpreters can then take their years of experience with the target language and provide a natural more idiomatic interpretation.

Over the Phone Interpretation

Sometimes you simply don't have the option to have an interpreter onsite with you. In that case, Keylingo can provide real-time over the phone translation. Whether it is for that upcoming big business meeting or a witness deposition, our interpreters are as close as the nearest telephone. We offer live 24/7 telephone interpretations for all major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages.

Over the phone interpretation services can be either simultaneous or consecutive depending upon your needs.

Interpreter Services for Any Business or Legal Need

Whether you are hosting an international conference, negotiating with an overseas company, or conducting corporate training for employees in foreign markets, Keylingo's interpreter services will enable real-time communication between all participants.

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