Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

Did you hear the one about the manufacturer of those god-awful fanny packs? Well, they ran an ad in Italian newspapers encouraging people to buy their new, lightweight, durable, go-anywhere body bag. True story. Something like that never would have happened with Keylingo. That's because our native translation, editing and proofreading teams are familiar with the cultural nuances so important to successful marketing and advertising translation.

Moving a product to a foreign market is a big deal, and not just for all of those potential new customers. It also carries a high risk of failure. What if foreign markets don't respond to the product the way domestic markets do? What if marketing messages just doesn't penetrate? Your international marketing and advertising teams have enough on their plate without worrying about how marketing materials and commercial messages are translated. 

Keylingo can help you translate the brands that you've so carefully crafted at home to new and emerging global markets. We will help you translate: 

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Emails
  • Television and Radio Spots
  • Websites
  • Or any other form of marketing and advertising communications

We can also provide you with the layout and desktop publishing skills necessary to fit the translated copy into your documentation. We can work with all major industry-standard software and on both Mac and PC platforms.

 Marketing Translation Services

We've all heard the old saying that perception is reality. Nowhere is that more true than in marketing and advertising. Customer perceptions can make or break a product, especially when moving into foreign markets that are unfamiliar with you and your products. Inaccurate translations of your company's marketing and advertising messages can lead to hilarious, embarrassing, or worse, disastrous results.

Keylingo takes special care in translating marketing messages to new languages. Our translators do the necessary research to ensure that the slogans, phrases, metaphors, and messages of your marketing and advertising translate seamlessly to the language of your new markets. Your products may be speaking to new audiences, but our marketing translation services will make it seem like they've been speaking the language for years.

Advertising Translation Services

Because of the creative and not always straightforward way that advertising communicates to audiences, it takes specific cultural understanding to translate advertisements to global markets. Word-for-word translations rarely make the cut. Advertising translations require a nuanced understanding of the culture of targeted global markets. Our translators are creative thought leaders who can maintain the appropriate style, voice, and message of your advertising campaigns.

Marketing and Advertising Translation Services for All of Your Foreign Markets

When it comes to marketing and advertising services, translation is only part of the solution. You also need localization. Your products need to look and feel like they belong in the new markets that you're targeting. Keylingo will help you craft your marketing and advertising communications to fit those markets. 

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