Keylingo Translations Adds 30th Location – Now Ranked 3rd in US, 6th in the World

Keylingo Translations is one of the fastest growing translation companies in the world. Now with 30 locations spanning North America it is also among the largest. According to the latest version of Common Sense Advisory's annual survey of

the language services market (The Language Services Market 2011) Keylingo now ranks as the third largest translation company in the US and the sixth largest in the world when measured by number of locations. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Keylingo is the only translation company to offer both local industry expertise and a centralized technology platform run by highly trained project managers.


In the US specifically, Keylingo is truly distinguished from the competition. According to Common Sense Advisory's report on the US translation market (The U.S. Language Services Market in 2011), nearly 50% of translation companies operate from a single office. Furthermore, over 50% of US translation firms employ no more than 10 associates. With its 30 offices in North America and projected growth to 40 by the end of 2012, Keylingo is uniquely positioned to solve the myriad challenges that companies both large and small are faced with as they look to grow their businesses in international markets.

Says Keylingo's CEO, "We saw a need in the professional translation services industry for a new kind of company. The vast majority of companies have historically fallen into two distinct categories. One category includes small companies in local markets that are strong at building long lasting relationships with their clients, but limited in the scope of services offered or challenged by sophisticated translation engagements. The second category consists of large corporate translation firms that offer a broad scope of services but consistently deliver those services in a manner that is well below the customer's expectations. Through its unique structure of local owner operators supported by a sophisticated technology platform and highly trained project management staff, translation buyers can now have the best of both worlds – a strong, stable relationship and the capability to handle the most sophisticated translation projects. Keylingo Translations is truly committed to helping businesses everywhere do business anywhere."

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