Overstating Claims Can Lead to Retracted Publications in Life Sciences

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Journals rely on quality science in their publications. Without that reliability, no scientific journal can expect to stay in business. That's why accurate, precise scientific writing is vital in publications.


Unfortunately, the majority of scientific publications retracted from journals show misconduct in either fabricated data or overstated claims. Scientific misconduct is a rampant problem because it's time- and resource-consuming to repeat studies. That's why quality science and the absence of any hint of misconduct is so important for a scientist's reputation. We need to be able to trust our scientists.

Instances of misconduct aren't always due to intentional malice, but these issues are still major concerns. Retractions usually don't occur in the case of typos or findings that were found to be due to experimental error. For that, a simple correction can be published. Retractions are caused by inappropriate action by those performing the experiments or writing the results. It's true that in some cases this misconduct is due to blatant data fabrication, but in some cases, it's simply due to overstating claims.

Overstated claims can sometimes happen when conclusions are drawn that results might imply but don't explicitly show. In some cases, it's even true that overstated claims are a result of poor translation. In a native language, qualifications might be included that get lost when amateur translators transition the work into a target language. This is sometimes the case when scientists employ translators that are not familiar with the importance of precision and accuracy in scientific writing.

It's crucial to employ experienced translating experts for life sciences when translating your paper. You've worked hard to make it a quality study and you shouldn't let a bad translation invalidate your results. What's worse, retractions can ruin a scientist's reputation and cast doubts about future publications.

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