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The biggest advantage of professional marketing translation services that employ local or technically specialized human translators is this: people know the nuances of language that are not found in word-for-word translation software.

Take the slang word "bug," for example. There is a long list of Spanish verbs (18 or so) and several amusing and fascinating expressions in Spanish-speaking countries meaning "to bug," in the sense of to bother or annoy. The most generic verbs are fastidiar (nothing to do with the English fastidious), or molestar (related to the English molest, but meaning "to bother").

Beyond the verbs for bug — more colorful expressions

buscarle las pulgas a alguien. In Spain, Mexico, and Cuba, when you "look for someone's fleas," you seek to provoke or irritate them. Example: No me busques las pulgas hoy. No estoy para bromas. (Don't bug me today. I'm in no mood for jokes.)

iQue bicho te ha picado? Literally, "What insect has bitten you? What's bothering (bugging) you?" They use this one in Mexico, the Domini can Republic, Guatemala, and all over the southern part of South America. (Don't use this expression in Puerto Rico! The term bicho is used to describe the male anatomy.)

dar picones. Meaning "to give scratches" in Mexico and El Salvador, this is a more extreme form of "bugging" meaning to provoke, antagonize, rile up, excite. Example: En la fiesta mi sobrino me daba picones. (At the party my cousin was bugging [provoking] me.)

No me cargues. They use this one in Uruguay and Argentina. Literally, "Don't load me up," it means "don't bother (bug) me." Example: No me cargues con esas bromas. (Don't bother me with those jokes.)

romperle los huevos a alguien. Uruguayans and Argentines use this slightly vulgar expression that translates literally, "to break someone's eggs, (meaning testicles)." The expression means "to bug, pester, get someone very upset."

So everyday Spanish has loads of verbs and expressions alluding to the concept of bothering someone. Using professional marketing translation services means hiring people who know the limits of your audience's tolerance for colorful advertising copy. Contact us for the best marketing translating services keyed to both your target area and towards colorful local expressions within the boundaries of propriety and humor.

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