Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on why businesses often need professional translation services. Last time we talked about the importance of a localized website and how sometimes your investors might be from another country. Today, we’ll pick up with business partners!

3) Acquiring a Foreign Business Partner

Business partners come in many shapes, sizes, and locations. While it might be convenient for all your ideal opportunities to appear within walking distance of your office, more often than not, the most beneficial business partners are much further away than even commuting can account for. This is especially true in the modern global economy where the best partners for your business can be oceans away, not just miles. When this happens, every form of interaction must be completely translated from top to bottom. Everything from memos to relevant financial statements need to be translated by a professional who can ensure absolute accuracy.

4) Expanding Your Market to New Countries

As your business grows, there’s no need to keep it confined to your country of origin and, as you probably know quite well, most of the top companies in America are also incredibly popular across the globe. From Microsoft to KFC, almost any company has an incredible amount to gain by opening locations and services in as many countries as will have them and expansion can support. however, with every new market comes the challenge of re-translating every contract, government license, policy handbook, and of course, the marketing campaign. It’s incredibly important to ensure that your marketing assets not only match your current brand, but align well with the new target culture.

5) Local Customers Who Speak a Foreign Language

Not all customers who speak a different language live in foreign countries. America is well known as a great cultural melting pot and includes many thousands of citizens for whom English is not their preferred language because they were raised in a household where something else was spoken instead. While the most common alternative local language is Spanish, there are communities of almost every other language group scattered across the country and members of these communities are all perfectly viable customers for your company. A wonderful way to welcome them to your products or services is to provide content, contracts, and information in their preferred languages.

While none of these examples require a full-time translator kept within your company, they are all excellent tasks for a professional translation service. Whether you only need the occasional translation or a small amount of translation on a regular basis, translators are your best bet for affordable and highly skilled translations. For more information about professional translation services or to schedule a consultation for your company, please contact us today!