November 20, 2018

Tempting though it may be to run your website content through some alluringly cheap translation software online, it will likely doing you more harm than good. There are many reasons why relying on a machine instead of an expert human being to translate is a bad idea and that’s a whole other blog post in and of itself. Today, we will focus on some key reasons why you should always hire a pro for website translation.

  1. Because It’s More Than Word for Word: When you are translating copy for your website, it cannot simply be translated word for word. Why? Because there is a whole slew of other things that need to be taken into consideration when translating, including grammar, syntax, nuances, and context. A human being with expert translation skills is able to accurately capture all of those things, whereas a software could not.
  2. Using a Software Could End up Costing You More: At first glance, using a software might seem like the more affordable option. However, your business cannot afford to lose large amounts of money due to a simple miscommunication or something lost in translation. A professional translator will ensure that your translated copy does not put you at risk for a serious loss in sales or even a legal battle.
  3. They’ll Capture The Voice of The Culture: Generally, when you are marketing to a group of people who speak a different language, you are marketing to a group of people who have a different culture. It is important that your website copy captures the voice of your target audience’s culture, not just something that represents their language. An expert translator will be able to provide you with translated copy that is also culturally sensitive and relevant to your new demographic.

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